You see several thousand faces in a day, some claiming to be travellers and some tourists. To some people both the words have different implications but how would you identify them? Here are a few differences I observed in a traveller and a tourist …Difference Traveller Tourist.

Difference Traveller Tourist 

Tourists squander while travellers wander. I read this somewhere and couldn’t agree more. Tourists experience new things and places, but travellers live in and for these experiences.


Tourists carry luggage, travellers carry patience. Tourists haul their luggage and prefer living in luxury, whereas travellers carry light and choose to stay in the wilderness be it a street or a forest.


Tourists follow the rules, travellers break the rules. Tourists abide by the rules and tick off the destinations one by one from their bucket list while on the other hand travellers don’t stick to a list because they’re spontaneous.


Tourists get homesick; travellers make any foreign place their home. When tourists are dreaming of their houses and beds and crave for their favourite food, travellers know the reality what a true home is. They know that home isn’t a static place and feel comfortable anywhere.


Tourists take pictures, travellers take memories.   Tourists tend to take pictures “capturing memories” but travellers know where the real fun is. The memories are to be cherished and not displayed.


Tourists are gregarious, travellers love being on their own. Point out any famous tourist spot, you’ll always find them in a crowd. Traveller more often than not love being alone; solo travelling is their jam.


Tourists spend on luxuries, traveller lives off them. A tourist will be found spending money on luxurious items and expensive restaurants; travellers live on the minimal budget they set.


Travelling is complete opposite to sightseeing and travellers know the best when it comes to differentiation. So what are you, a traveller or a tourist?..


Difference Traveller Tourist
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