Crime in America has been increasing at a faster rate in recent years. It is such that there are some identified and reported neighbouring areas with regular violence and these areas are top listed amongst the dangerous cities/neighborhoods of America. The places are so unsafe with crimes like theft, murder, armed robbery, assault making the area an evil play and predicted violent crime rate to be per 1000 residents. Here are list of Dangerous Neighborhoods America with breeding evil acts.

  1. North Auburn Gresham Chicago, IL

Dangerous Neighborhoods America 


Chicago is increasing in its violence and crime. This is mainly in area of North Auburn Gresham neighborhood which is the 71st community area out of 77 officially listed. This neighborhood is located in south side of Chicago, Illinois with a zip code 60620. The section has a crime rate of 73.5 per every 1000 residents and chances of 1 victim out 14 people. The crime has been engrossed in the entire south of Chicago which includes violence, robbery, assault, narcotics and theft.

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