A quick stroll into any of the supermarkets or Walmart at China can bring so many unseen things to you. Some of the facts you get to see there can be really crazy and never ever seen earlier. Quite a few things can be attached with a tag; ‘only in China. Here are few weird things you will find only in Chinese Supermarket.

  1. Whole Crocodile On The Ice
Chinese Supermarket

Whole Crocodile On The Ice – Chinese Supermarket


Have you ever tasted crocodile meat? Well, it is easy to find the best deal of crocodiles in Chinese Supermarkets. It is not the piece of packages crocodile meat. You will find the entire full sized crocodiles stored on the ice at the counter. Add the entire crocodile into your trolley; get it scanned through the checkout for billing and then toss it on the dining table at home.

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