Cheating Partner … Nobody is perfect in this world; likewise no relationship is perfect too. Couples fight for varied reasons and the intensity of their fight also varies at various stages of life. Some petty issues easily get solved, but some major and drastic life changing mistakes are never forgivable. Cheating on partner is one such problem.

Cheating your spouse or being cheated by your partner can damage the relationship drastically and washes away everything in life for which you have put great efforts for long years.

Here are a few common signs that usually gets noticed when a person is cheating his/her partner. Have a look and identify the signs if your partner is cheating you.

  1. Frequent fights

Cheating Partner

Frequently picking up fighting, which was never a behaviour earlier can be a sign for you to be cautious. At times the fight is on a petty issue. But, the dramatic scenes of fighting are the way to release your partner’s guilt.

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  1. Ghost_who_talks

    Sex is a force of nature. A compatible relationship is based on unconditional love.. this may or may not include physical intimacy.

    Figure out the software of the Self and everything gets solved.


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