Every one of us want to travel, yet not very many of us will pen down Chandigarh in our rundown and I demand you, go and visit once. City of square guide is not quite the same as others, minimal more secure, minimal greener and cleaner. The city won’t demand you to party or unwind however educates the correct approach to live. Here are my few takes to CONVINCE you to visit Chandigarh at this moment…Chandigarh Travel List.

  1. Check To a Street Trip With These Astounding Dhabba

Chandigarh Travel List

Achieving Chandigarh is truly simple, can pass via air, transport or prepare. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are searching for some delight take a street trip from Delhi by means of fabulous truck street and draw over these “not to be missed” dhabba. Clearly, I don’t have to gloat about the significance of Dhabas in India. They encourage insatiable stomach as well as mirroring the real taste of any region. Murthal, 42 km from Delhi , 200 km from Chandigarh has transformed into a goal for some travellers. Fleet of some delectable serving dhabba (not all that looking dhabba) . My undisputed top choice among them is Pehlwan da Dhabba, Gulshan ka Dhabba and Haveli. ( Not an aficionado of Amrik Sukhdev).

On fabulous trunk street ( NH1) we have Karnal , popular for haveli ( Haveli has lost its appeal now) and Jhilmil dhabba. Pull over to these dhabba while in transit to Chandigarh .

  1. Get Yourself Picture at Sukhna Lake and Watch Nightfall
Chandigarh Travel List

Chandigarh Travel List


Basically a manufactured lake in Chandigarh drawing the consideration of numerous visitors as a result of various fun exercises occurring throughout the day. There is an armada of vivid watercraft to take you close to the skyline as sun sets and shades of sky changes.(Beautiful , isn’t it ?). You can likewise sit marvelous at the Buddha Garden in sukhna Lake while children can appreciate a few rides . There is likewise a sustenance court zone with filling nibble and roadside frozen yogurt truck. End your day getting yourself representation aside this wonderful lake.


  1. Visit Heart and Pride of Chandigarh Satara wali Market ( Sector 17 Market)

Chandigarh Travel List

There is no favor shopping center or anything besides in the event that you haven’t been to division 17 showcases then you have not went to Chandigarh. Chandigarh individuals take a great deal of pride in division 17 markets and I don’t discover any reason of not very. It is a focal point of shopping , excitement, and hoarding. You can purchase a lovely phulkari dupatta and a Punjabi jutti .


  1. Visit Rock garden

Chandigarh Travel List

Visit Rock garden and you won’t quit appreciating virtuoso work, Nek Chand. The whole garden is worked from mechanical and household squander. Inside the garden, you will locate some exceptionally fascinating figures produced using broken glass bangles, reused fired, clothes, and so forth.

  1. Appreciate The Musical Appear as The Sun Sets (Musical Fountain Show – Sector 17)

Chandigarh Travel List

Each night division 17 advertise get musical and lit up with wellspring . It gives phenomenal experience to appreciate 30 minutes brimming with music, lights and laser appear.

  1. Gedi Maarna : Time Pass On The Streets

On the off chance that you are in Chandigarh and you don’t drive through the city ( Gedi maarna – Time pass on the streets ) you miss the neighborhood vibes. Segment 8, area 9 and division 10 around sukhna lake are all around arranged , slick clean and have wonderful cabins .

  1. Eat Like Local People

Chandigarh Travel List

Eat like a Punjabi and live like one. Chandigarh doesn’t have much road nourishment choices yet city will ruin you for some quality dinner. Buddy Dhaba is a popular diner among neighborhood for margarine chicken. On the off chance that you are one of those souls who can’t avoid chaat from long , attempt shiv misthaan bhandar for astounding aloo kachori and gol gappe. Area 29 is somewhere else where you get astounding gol gappe. Nik’s bread kitchen is another well known bistro around for fast chomps and cakes. Delicate Corner in part 17 is a charming little place serving peculiar softy.


  1. Experience Chandigarh’s Nightlife
Chandigarh Travel List

Chandigarh Travel List

In the previous couple of years , nightlife in Chandigarh has developed in jumps and bound – despite the fact that the quantity of bars and clubs are to some degree restricted when contrasted with the bigger urban areas, they make up in quality for what they need in amount. In the event that you are in Chandigarh you might need to free your hair down , appreciate few beverages with some amazing DJ’s turning the most recent beats. Whether you’re in the inclination for an easygoing night of discussion over beverages, an insane night of moving or notwithstanding something in the middle of, we let you know exactly where you ought to go to get your alter.


Chandigarh Travel List
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