Cancer Survived Celebrities … The very word ‘CANCER’ is shivering. When an individual gets to know that his/her body is prone to cancerous outgrowth, be it at any stage of initial or advanced.

The patient succumbs very soon mentally and emotionally before he actually dies of the disease.

Medical Science has given many hopes to tackle the deadly disease although there is no easy cure.

Cancer has affected many people in the world is still continues to be a challenge affecting people of all ages. The well known celebrities are in the list too.

Quite a few of the celebrities have faced their life threatening situation with much courages and have fought back the disease.

They have even emerged out as survivors and began their new lease of life with their dream career once again.

Here is a list of celebrities who have fought cancer bravely and are being a great inspiration to many of them around the world to live life with hopes … Do Share this article with friends!!


  1. Barbara Mori


Cancer Survived Celebrities


The lead actress of the Indian film KITES opposite to Hritik Roshan was a big name for her sizzling performance.

Barbara Mori was a name in the list of names who have undergone treatment for cancer.

She suffered at a very young age and was very shocking to know the truth of her life.

She underwent treatment bravely and is back on screen.

Her documentary film ‘1-a-minute’ along with other cancer survivors has been very inspirational and spreads awareness to others … inspiring!!

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