Wedding calls for lot of expenditure. Everything for the bride and the groom comes with a fat price tag. By the end of all the wedding celebrations not many couple are left with unlimited money to have a royal honeymoon. But limited money in your account does not mean that you cannot enjoy a fabulous honeymoon. There are a lot of affordable honeymoon destinations which will allow you to afford everything needed with the little money you have. Here are list of budget honeymoon destinations that you can plan and enjoy.

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  1. Tulum, Mexico

Budget Honeymoon Destinations

When considering a destination for a budget honeymoon Mexico is the most common place.

It is well known for low priced honeymoon vacation. There are many beautiful beaches which will make your beach honeymoon a fabulous one.

You can also enjoy snorkelling and many other water sports.

Tulum in Mexico is a beautiful honeymoon spot which allows you to stay in budget hotels along the stretch of the white sand… Must Visit!!

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