The crime of rape is rampant across the world. Rapists cannot escape the laws of the nation where they have committed the heinous crime. Here are the most torturous and Brutal Rape Punishments around the world rapists face.

Brutal Rape Punishments Around The World                                                                

China considers the crime of rape extremely seriously. The rapist is straight away given death penalty. In some cases, the criminal is also punished by mutilation of genitals.


Brutal Rape Punishments Around The World

Hang or shoot to death in public, this is Iran’s way of punishing rapists. There are also cases where the guilty escapes death if the victim permits. But the rapist is allotted 100 lashes or lifetime imprisonment.



Brutal Rape Punishments Around The World

In Netherlands, the crime of rape includes any kind of minor or major sexual assault, including the French kiss. Sexual assault on prostitutes will also lead to imprisonment in Netherlands.

The punishment sees imprisonment froma3 4 to 15 years.

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