Trekking is one such sport, which is majorly addictive. It is a journey that one takes on foot, taking in scenic views and make sure you have enough stamina to complete the trek. Cutting out yourself from the whole world alone is a bliss itself. Especially in Today’s digital age one does need such a break at one point of time. Trekking is like therapy to all sports enthusiast. These are top trekking routes that you have to check out… Best Treks India !!


Valley Of Flowers

valley-of-flowers - Best Treks India

It is located near Hemkund Sahib and it is one of the very few treks where you can even visit in monsoon. It is on about 3000 meters altitude and the best time to visit is from June To Mid September. This trek is full of colors with flowers you would have never heard and seen before a mecca for all nature photographers.


Chadar Trek

chadar-trek - Best Treks India

This trek is popularly known as the frozen lake trek. It is on the Zanskar River near Ladakh. During winters the weather dips as low as to minus 20 to 25 degree Celsius. You have to be really daredevil to undertake it as if once ice breaks it can be fatal. Make sure that you have prior experience of trekking before taking on this one.


Stok Kangri

stok-kangri - Best Treks India

This trek is at the mountain peak, which one can undertake without any prior mountaineering experience. The altitude is pretty high about 6153 meters. You have to be mentally prepared and have all the utilities. Just be fit enough to take on this trek.


Dayara Dodital Trek

dayara-dodital-trek - Best Treks India

It is a paradise for any bird watcher, have a set of binoculars and see all the rare species that you must have heard before. Monal, Koklas, Babler are few of the birds that one can see.


Kuari Pass Trek
kuari-pass-trek - Best Treks India

Best Treks India

Popularly known as Lord Curzon’s trail. This trek is in Uttarakhand. The best time to go is between May To October. It will give you aerial views of the Nanda Devi sanctuary. Which will make you want to buy a village and stay there only.


Best Treks India
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