Best Travelling Partners … Some prefer travelling alone. But there are many who prefer to travel in other’s company. The company can be just one partner or a group tour.

Here is a list of Best Travelling Partners. But the travelling can be made or broken by this company. There is every chance that the company you chose to travel with can get annoying.

Look at the list below

  1. An Avid Photographer

An avid photographer - Best Travelling Partners


The photography skills, patience, interest is all you will find in him. He will go to all possible extent to get all the decent snaps wherever you are exploring.

While you might get annoyed to get click on the sunny sweaty day, once home you would definitely realized how exciting your trip was.

  1. The Foodie

Best Travelling Partners


The local cuisines and delicacies are a must enjoy in any trip. A foodie accompanying your trip is sure to lead you to the best local restaurant and the taste is the best there. You will enjoy the real taste along with a foodie traveller.

  1. The Language Junkie

Best Travelling Partners - Best Travelling Partners


He knows most of the local language or is attached to a phrase book, language conversion tools. He is obviously going to be of great help in terms of communication and seeking help. Make sure he does not turn your trip into a language learning course.

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