Best Travel Hacks… Who does not like the idea of a holiday? Planning for a holiday involves so much of preparation and expense which not many will like.

If you think a little smartly, you can end up being of the beneficial side of any travel. Who would not want to save that extra dollar if possible? The query is how do you save money on your travel and yet enjoy the maximum from the experience.

Here are few tips from the experts and professional travellers you must truly consider.

  1. Clear Browser’s Cookies
Best Travel Hacks

Best Travel Hacks


The airlines will know from your cookies that you have been searching for the best possible ticket deal for quite some days. They would want you to quickly book your tickets and even hotel. So, they will put up the costlier deals than the lowest possible booking deals.

So, to avoid messing up with your money, you should clear cache every time you begin to search for cheap flight tickets or hotel bookings.

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