Best Rabri Falooda Kulfi Delhi

Kulfi, the traditional Indian ice cream is made from thickened milk and flavouring with personal favourite ingredients. This ice cream can be made at home as it requires no expertise.

It is very popular and one of the best rich treats for hot summer days.

Delhi has extreme climates, terribly chilling during winter and scorching heat during summer.

While the summers are still not over. you can enjoy kulfi and also rabdi falooda at quite a few places in Delhi.

Here are few places where you should visit for a rich bowl of your favourite desserts.

Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale

Best Rabri Falooda Kulfi Delhi

The oldest and traditional makers of kulfi in Delhi, Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale, have been serving the best kulfi in all of Delhi.

They serve over 60 varieties of Kulfi at a very nominal price of about 30-50 Rs. They have every type of fruit kulfi. All the flavoured kulfi have a very authentic taste and you will have tough time making up your mind which one to try.

Their special mango kulf is very populari, where the fruit is scooped out and stuffed with rabri, and then frozen.


Nathu’s Sweets

Best Rabri Falooda Kulfi Delhi

At Nathu’s Sweets in Delhi, you can always enjoy a kulfi falooda combo after a great chaat session. Their gol gappas, paapri chaat, aloo ki tikki are always tempting. To finish off, order the creamy smooth yellow kulfi dotted with pistachio. The kulfi here is topped with clear falooda that has great floral scent.


Roshan Di Kulfi

Best Rabri Falooda Kulfi Delhi

Roshan Di Kulfi is a name that has been known for years for Delhites.

They have made a brand name for themselves with their famous kesar badaam pista and paan faluda kulfi. Their falooda is the best in the city. Their recently added nutty-flavoured kulfi is a big hit too.

One should also try their Chana Batura which is considered one of the best in entire Delhi-NCR and the pricing is very nominal too.


Giani’s Di Hatti

Best Rabri Falooda Kulfi Delhi

This place is more like an ice cream parlour serving delicious ice creams and rabri falooda. They also serve shakes, lassi, flavoured milk and many types of halwas – gajar halwa, dal halwa, badam halwa with loads of dry fruits mixed.

The quantity is heavy and too filling. Although the place has no seats to sit and relish their desserts, this place is crowded throughout the year.

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