College life is one important phase in life everyone would ever cherish… Best College Life Hacks.

There are so many desires and wishes during college days, there are lot of friends to hang with, there is so much of leisure time, but the shortage of money hinders everything.

Somehow college students are a mix of laziness, creativity and along with it combined is the shortage of money.

  1. Cereal Dust Remover
Best College Life Hacks

Cereal Dust Remover – Best College Life Hacks


Cereal is a good snack and everyone loves it. But the sugar powder in the cereals is a real mess. Instead of adding that sugary dust of the cereals to your bowl, think of a plan to get rid of it.

Place a strainer over a discarding paper or dustbin and pour the cereals into the strainer. Shake it a couple of times and you have got rid of the cereal dust.

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