Every concept in this earth has both positive and negative effects which have to be accepted in a right way. But young generation who are unable to judge the right path are highly influenced with the negative concepts. Craving for a minute’s pleasure today’s youth gets stuck to bad habits like drug addiction, smoking, night clubs and many more.

The old saying “Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens” or “Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders” does not match to the entire young population. 90 percent of the youth are far away from their educational and social responsibility. You may find a handful of wise youth in this 21st century.

The common 10 bad habits found in today’s day in youth are here.


  1. Smoking

Bad Habits


It’s become a fashion of smoking in teenagers and a worldwide issue. Their answers for smoking tobacco are “for relaxation”, “cool”, “friends sake” and many more unrealistic reasons. It all begins for fun and end up being a chain smoker. Most of the time the surrounding friends intimate for such life risk acts which reduces their life span for 10 years less. Teens who start smoking can never quit it lifelong. In populated cities you will find teens of both genders smoking together and making a way for their own ruin.

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