If you have Rajasthan in your travel bucket list then definitely you must have jotted down Amber Fort as one of the palaces to see. After all, it is a true example of how the rulers of the time lived. The palace is opulent with amazing architecture in every room and a meaning of its own and a symbol has a different story to tell. We will give you a small compilation about the Amber Fort things that maybe even a tour guide would miss.

It has a restaurant named 1135 AD, royal ambience with good food.. Do visit if you feel hungry while exploring the fort

1135 AD Amber Fort


1135 AD, Amer, Jaipur


How To Reach

Amber Fort, even though said to be in Jaipur it actually is not. It is about 12 kilometers away from the capital. You can take a taxi or a public bus from the city. Taxi will cost INR 300 to INR 400 and a bus INR 50. There are trains too that will take you to Amber but they are extremely time consuming can take up to 90 minutes.



Amber the name is derived from Amber Mata the Goddess of productivity, fertility and earth. Even after almost 5 centuries it still stands tall and proud. Constructed by Raja Man Singh. This served as the capital city and he built his fort here as the headquarters of all administration of the state he ruled. He was the most trusted and loyal major general of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Later, after the Mughal downfall, Kachwaha Rajputs invaded the fort. They made quite a lot of changes to the fort following the Rajput style.



An expansive huge fort with main 4 sections including the courtyards, Private chambers, Jaleb Choenk and the sun Gate. The Fort is a mixture of both Arabic and Hindu art. There are temples inside, Diwan-e-khas , Diwan-e-aam, lion gate etc. Don’t miss the “magic flower” a fresco carved in the end of pillar each having unique designs.

All About Amber Fort

All About Amber Fort

All About Amber Fort

All About Amber Fort

All About Amber Fort



Make sure you enjoy the elephant ride in the Amber fort. Don’t forget to watch the light and sound show in the night to know everything about the history of this beautiful fort

All About Amber Fort


This fort has underground 18th century tunnel (It was meant to evacuate royal family in case of an attack on Amber Palace) till Jaigarh fort, which is operational and open to the public. So if you love adventure and want to experience this… go ahead!!


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