Adventure Sports India … Has it been ages since you last saw your friends? Or better went on a trip with them. Or you are one of those last year college students who have to take that one last trip before all your friends scatter around. Then there is no need of waiting or going about making excuses it’s high time that all of you collect all your buddies and make them pack their bags and head out to a trip filled with adrenaline rush.

River Rafting

river-rafting- Adventure Sports India

The only reason how a raft can stay afloat is through teamwork. You and your friends have to really work hard to do so. The river rafting will give you some amazing memories like taking the dip in the cold water or fighting the water current so that your raft doesn’t topple over, the best vacation for a large group of people. The best places to visit are Rishikesh in Utrakhand , Ladakh In Jammu and Kashmir, orchha Madhya Pradesh, Kullu in Himachal Pradesh.



trekking Adventure Sports India

A journey by foot completed in large numbers. The best way to undertake this journey is with a great set of friends; go camping with them at night singing around the bonfire. There are treks of different sets easy medium and difficult. You can pick places like Zanskar trekking Trail In Jammu and Kashmir, it is near Ladakh., Shepherd’s trail In Himachal Pradesh,The valley of flowers Uttrakhand.

Mountain Biking

mountain-biking Adventure Sports India

Gather up your mountain bike and take all your gears. Make sure all your friends are fit enough to take up this challenging ride. Facing dirt, dangerous turns or even the risk of fatal injuries’ This trip is no childs play so gather your crazy mad friends and head to Singalia Ridge, West Bengal, Pang To Rumste Ladakh, Trails Of Sikkim.



skiing Adventure Sports India

The heaven on Earth, It is more beautiful in winter with snow over everything that you lay your eyes on. Skiing is an extremely popular sport here. Gather your friends and go speeding down the mountain. The places to try are Kufri In Shimla, Gulmarg In Kashmir, Auli In Utrakhand.


Rock Climbing

rock-climbing Adventure Sports India

Use not only your physical but also your mental abilities have a competition with your friends of who reaches the top the fastest. The Satpura Mountain Ranges in Gwalier, Jabalpur , chanderi are great places for first timers.


Adventure Sports India
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