If you just ate too much over the weekend or during the holiday, our waistlines quickly speak about what we did intentionally or unintentionally. Without worrying much, here are few ways of safely loosing fat and become fit…Safest Ways Lose Weight.

Interval Training

Safest Ways Lose Weight | Fitness | TrendingFeeds

Interval training has been proved to be the best way to lose weight. Run for one minute, and follow with jogging for two minutes; repeat this cycle without slowing down or giving much break. You are likely to lose more weight.

This type of interval training system can be followed for other cardio exercises too.

Eat Often At Short Intervals

Safest Ways Lose Weight | Fitness | TrendingFeeds

Starving and crash dieting is never going to help you in losing weight. This will make you lose your muscle mass making you weak. This further slows down your metabolism which means burning body fat becomes slower.

Eat healthy snacks and nutritious meals regularly in order to get rid of the fat.


Reduce Sugar Intake

Safest Ways Lose Weight | Fitness | TrendingFeeds

Sugar is the greatest enemy of your life. Reduced sugar intake keeps the insulin level stable. With increased insulin level, body becomes resistant towards it producing more insulin. It makes the fat cells cling to the fat in the blood stream.



Safest Ways Lose Weight | Fitness | TrendingFeeds

Not sleeping enough means you are doing bad to your own body. Cortisol gets increased which is the hormone that breaks down body tissue and muscles. This effects your metabolism greatly, which means low burning of body fat and leading to weight gain.


Weight Lifting
Safest Ways Lose Weight | Fitness | TrendingFeeds

Safest Ways Lose Weight | Fitness

Lifting weights keeps you lean. It increases muscles which in turn help in naturally burning your body fat. Muscles infact needs a lot of calories to stay active. So, if you aim at builing muscles, it is a solution to lose weight.

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