Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? In this age of modern science, it seems a little difficult. But here are few places where ghost stories have originated and the place seems haunted. Take an adventurous road trip to these Haunted Indian Highways and find yourself if there is any presence of ghosts.

Kasara Ghat, Mumbai-Nashik Highway

Haunted Indian Highways

Before this broad road was constructed, this place was a dumping place of murdered victims. Now, it is believed that ghosts roam around and many claim to have felt and witnessed a headless woman sitting on a tree. Some travellers have also heard creepy hysterical laughs at night.


Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary Corridor, Tamil Nadu

Haunted Indian Highways

People believe that this is the area of the angry spirit of legendary bandit of India – Veerappan. He died in this area and now his angry spirit occupies this place.


Marve-Madh Island Road, Mumbai

Haunted Indian Highways

This road seems to be very creepy. The story goes as, that once a couple were driving through the road in their car. It so happened that, the husband sped the car in the direction of an on-coming truck and jumped out of the speeding car leaving behind his wife to die. Now, after ages, the wife roams in the road weeping in her bridal attire.

Delhi Cantonment Road

Haunted Indian Highways

This is the path where you should not stop at all for any reason. If you see a helpless woman dressed in white asking for lift, then make sure to speed your car acceleration and escape from the area at the earliest.

Igorchem Road, Goa
Haunted Indian Highways

Haunted Indian Highways

There are many evil spirits haunting this place. This road is avoided by people even during day time. There are high chances of passers by being possessed by any of the evil spirits.

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