Toys are a part of child’s growth. In fact, the childhood revolves around their toys. Toys usually are a means of fun and entertainment to the kids. Can there ever be a chance that these fun and entertaining toys get dangerous too? Yes there a few of the toys that poses life threatening risks in children. This could be due to various reasons, the faulty design of the toy or the nature in which the toys are made for the game. Here a few of incredibly Dangerous Banned Toys. These are more or less banned toys.

  1.  Snapping Bracelets
Dangerous Banned Toys

Snapping Bracelets


Hope you remember those colorful snapping bracelets. They are made in such a way that they can be pulled out to be fully straight and they can regain the curly form around the wrist with just a snap.

This type of cheap made spring-loaded snap band has cut through the tender flesh of the children. This slicing into the wrist flesh would happen when the metal band in it would wore out of the covering.

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